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gibsonapp_015_profile   gibsonapp_016_profile_gesture   gibsonapp_017_favorites   gibsonapp_018_favorites_gesture   gibsonapp_001_home   gibsonapp_002_pushtotune
gibsonapp_003_outoftune   gibsonapp_004_intune   
gibsonapp_005_presstochange   gibsonapp_006_swipetoselect   gibsonapp_007_swipetoselect_gesture   gibsonapp_008_listentodiscover
gibsonapp_009_listentodiscover_gesture   gibsonapp_010_listening   gibsonapp_011_search_gesture   gibsonapp_012_searchtyping   gibsonapp_013_searchresults   gibsonapp_014_artistpage

Gibson Brands
Gibson and Tronical (partners in the G FORCE) tasked me to come up with a UX and UI that would take into account their concept functionality.  The app would allow users to remotely tune their guitars via bluetooth using their phones, as well as quickly switch between tunings with a more graphical interface instead of the tactile interface of the G FORCE unit.  There would also be a ‘Shazam’ style “listen” function that would allow them to scan heard music and identify the song, then connect them to a database of artists and songs offering them anything from on-the-fly tutorial videos to simple tabs.  Users would also be able to create profiles, favorites lists, and more.  Above is the wireframe for the user experience flow as well as individual screenshots of various sections of the app (including gesture control examples).

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